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Welcome to Datawise. Here, you can find answers to all your questions about data, including data migration, data quality and ways to utilize your most important company asset: your enterprise data. Have a look around, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

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Data Migration

You are replacing your legacy system, and your data has to migrate to your new design. Datawise makes that smooth and easy. Rather than a hassle, a migration is an opportunity to boost the quality of your data.

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Data Quality

Your data is an asset; facts and figures are the return. You are using that data to get results, so the quality of the results can not rise above the quality of the data. “Garbage in, garbage out,” as they say.

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Automated Compliance

Imagine: tomorrow your data will be audited by regulatory authorities. Are you ready to explain yourself? Most international traders leave money on the table. Our systems help you claim duty refunds on autopilot. You save money and get peace of mind.

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BUSINESS CASE data migration

Data migration projects are some of the most complex, yet underestimated projects a company can face. They demand a team experienced in both information technology and business practices, with a deep understanding of the complex interactions between data, systems and processes… Read more

BUSINESS CASE data quality

Operational excellence is worth striving for. It relies on a fast and accurate business process that runs on quality data. Without it, errors pile up and show themselves in poor results… Read more

BUSINESS CASE compliance

Companies that trade across borders will face customs duties. These duties, also called tariffs, are charged on all imported or exported goods. To make trading easier, countries can enter free trade agreements (FTAs) with another country, or a group of countries. These FTAs reduce or remove tariffs on certain kinds of products, under certain conditions… Read more